​Automotive Tinting

​Cars & Trucks

​Good automotive tinting can individualize the look of your vehicle, protect its interior, and increase your comfort and privacy. From luxury, exotic, foreign and domestic cars & trucks to everyday vehicles, I provide expert auto window tinting in Oklahoma City.

The aesthetic value of tinted windows is clear. In addition to looks, though, there are many other practical benefits to window tinting:

  • ​Protects occupants from UV rays
  • ​Protects vehicle interiors from damage and fading due to sun exposure
  • ​Keeps vehicles cooler by reflecting heat from the sun
  • ​Increases your privacy
  • ​Improves visibility in direct sunlight

​If you want to take your vehicle to the next level, call me at (405) 990-7911 today or click below!

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​RVs & Campers

​Your RV or Camper is a home away from home and makes traveling, sight-seeing, and camping much more enjoyable when you’re comfortable.

​Window tinting your RV or Camper will not only make it look great but protect your interior upholstery & furnishings from direct sunlight. Window tint will also keep you cool in the warmer months and save AC costs. And ​when you need to sleep in, ​with darker tint on windows in sleeping areas, you can get that extra hour or two of much needed sleep without the sun driving you out of bed. Give me a call me at (405) 990-7911 today or click below to get started!

​Marine & Boats

​Marine & Boat window tinting not only blocks UV rays, glare, and heat, it also offers protection from broken glass. Marine & Boat window tinting is able to withstand extraordinary wind and force that helps prevent the entry of water and wind-borne debris in case of a storm or a natural disaster, providing superior protection 24-hours a day.

​I can help you choose from the many marine and boat window tinting options available. Just give me a call me at (405) 990-7911 today or click below!

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​Farm Equipment

​When you have your farm equipment windows tinted it not only protects your skin from damaging UV rays but it also keeps your air conditioner from having to work overtime to keep you and your cab cool.

​It doesn't matter what kind of farm vehicle you own, if it has windows I can tint it. I am mobile so I can come to your place and tint multiple pieces of equipment. I bring everything to you so you don't have to worry about taking time off from work. Give me a call me at (405) 990-7911 today or click below to get ​your farm equipment windows tinted!

​Semis & Big Rigs

​While aesthetics, comfort, safety, privacy, and energy savings are the primary reasons for tinting windows in any vehicle, big rig truckers and semi drivers face a high risk of skin cancer due to prolonged exposure to sunlight from the front windows.

​The FMCSA has agreed with the International Window Film Association that the use of ‘clear’ window films with a minimum 70 percent visibility rating installed on the front side windows is permitted. Although these window films are clear and do not obscure the view in or out of windows, the window tint still blocks up to 99% of UV rays. Give me a call me at (405) 990-7911 today or click below to get ​your Semi or Big Rig windows tinted!

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​How Can I help You?

​I want to make sure all your questions are answered. ​So I have created an FAQ page to touch on some of the most common questions my new clients ask. ​​If you still have a question​ after reading the FAQs, ​just contact me and I will be happy to provide an answer.

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